Is it better to water plants from the top or bottom?

If your plant is becoming root bound, moisture might not soak into the soil and may run down the sides of the planter instead. Watering potted plants from the bottom eliminates these problems and adds moisture to the soil in a more efficient way.

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Likewise, is it good to water plants from the bottom?

Unlike top watering, bottom watering is an effective method to apply water to your house plants from the bottom up. It makes the root stronger and allows them to grow directly toward the moisture. Research shows that moisture in the potting soil reaches the bottom and nourishes the roots.

Simply so, can you overwater plants by bottom watering? Can you over water by bottom watering? Yes, if the plant is sitting in water too long, you can still overwater your plant through bottom watering. … By remembering to check your plant every ten minutes or so while it’s sitting in water, you can significantly reduce your chances of overwatering and causing root rot.

In this manner, what is the correct way to water plants?


  1. Water Where the Roots Are. Focus the water at the soil level and keep applying it until the plant’s entire root ball is thoroughly soaked. …
  2. Check the Soil Before Watering. …
  3. Water in the Morning. …
  4. Water Slowly. …
  5. Make Every Drop Count. …
  6. Don’t Overwater. …
  7. Don’t Let Them Go Dry. …
  8. Use Mulch to Conserve Moisture.

Do plants grow from the bottom or top?

It is only through the activity of the shoot apical meristem that the plant grows taller. The shoot apical meristem is found at the tip of the plant stem, so growth extends upward from the top of the stem, not the bottom. Those bottom leaves aren’t going anywhere until they fall off the plant.

How long should you water plants from the bottom?

All you need to do is set the potted plant (be sure it has drainage holes) into the bathtub, sink, or another container that’s filled with a couple inches of water. After 15 to 20 minutes, the plant will have absorbed the exact amount it needs—never too little or too much.

How do you know if bottom watering is working?

Can you bottom water plants overnight?

By exposing the roots and letting it sit, preferably, overnight. You’ve let the plant drink as much water as it needs until it dries out again. This prevents the dreaded over-watering situation.

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