Is Mistletoe Cactus an indoor plant?

Grow mistletoe cactus in low to medium light. It can take a little direct sun indoors, especially in Northern climates, but doesn’t need bright sun to thrive. This indoor plant thrives under artificial lighting, too. Our mistletoe cactus don’t want any direct sun if grown outdoors.

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In this manner, how often should you water a mistletoe cactus?

Water and Humidity:

Watering frequency should vary as your house heats up and cools down with the seasons. During the pre-flowering period, reduce watering, letting the top ½ inch of soil dry out between waterings. After flowering, water only enough to keep soil barely moist for a period of three to six weeks.

Moreover, is Mistletoe Cactus easy to grow? The succulent stems of your mistletoe cactus make it really easy to propagate from stem cuttings in spring and summer. Cutting a 10-15cm long section from the hanging stems is the first step.

Also, is mistletoe cactus poisonous to humans?

Mistletoe Cactus plants are non-toxic to dogs, cats, horses and humans and in fact, the ripe berries are edible and sweet tasting.

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