Is Osmocote a good fertilizer?

Osmocote is a well-balanced 15-9-12 blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Since it releases slowly as the plant is watered, it will not burn the roots or cause the plant to shoot out gangly growths too quickly. I use Osmocote on both my indoor potted plants and my outdoor container gardens.

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Keeping this in consideration, where do you apply Osmocote fertilizer?

For flowering perennials, sprinkle the fertilizer around plants in the spring and fall at the rate of 3 tablespoons per 4 square feet or 1 teaspoon per 4-inch plant. Work the fertilizer into the top 3 inches of soil or mulch. Around trees and shrubs, apply 3 tablespoons of Osmocote for every 2 feet of branch spread.

Simply so, is Osmocote a complete Fertiliser? Osmocote is another form of granular slow release fertilizer. It has been available to home gardeners in many different formulations for over three decades. Each specialized formulation is based in a balanced, complete fertilizer consisting of: Ammonium phosphate.

Also question is, how often should I use Osmocote fertilizer?

every 4 months

When should I use Osmocote?

Apply to outdoor plants every 4 months during the growing season. Can be applied to indoor plants, also every 4 months, year-round.

What plants is Osmocote good for?

For example, the 14-14-14 Osmocote brands tend to work well for tomatoes, vegetables, melons, berries, perennials, trees and shrubs. The Osmocote Plus formula works well with hanging baskets, annual plants, indoor plants, plants in raised beds, etc.

Can you use too much Osmocote?

Overly rapid growth can cause a cactus to crack or even explode when it takes up too much water. Even though it’s not organic, I experimented with working liberal amounts of Osmocote into my food garden to drive fertility abnormally high. The result was the largest most productive squash plants ever.

Is Osmocote good for indoor plants?

One more reason to love Osmocote; it’s great on all kinds of things like annuals, houseplants, perennials, shrubs, and even vegetables and herbs.

Can I use Osmocote on all plants?

It works with virtually all plant varieties, in all growing conditions. Plus, we offer our no-burn pledge when you use Osmocote as directed.

How do you use Osmocote all purpose?

How often do you need to fertilize plants?

It’s typically recommended to apply fertilizer in clay soil about every four to six weeks after planting. For plants growing in organic soil that’s rich with organic matter, only fertilize a little bit every three to four weeks.

Which is better Osmocote vs Nutricote?

Nutricote is recommended by experts as it releases nutrients slowly and isn’t effected by temperature fluctuations. Osmocote release depends on the temperature fluctuations and may not be suitable for wider use.

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