Is Starved Rock open right now?

The Starved Rock Visitor Center is open year-round, and the 1930s-era stone and log Starved Rock Lodge offers luxury lodging, cabin rooms, and fine dining. For lodge reservations, call 1-800-868-ROCK (800-868-7625) or 815-667-4211, or visit the lodge website.

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Also question is, is Starved Rock free?

No Entrance Fee!! – Starved Rock State Park.

Moreover, is Starved Rock dangerous? “The park is especially good for tweens and older children,” says Kathy Casstevens, marketing director at Starved Rock Lodge. … Casstevens notes that hiking with small children can be dangerous, especially when conditions are muddy and trails are slippery.

Similarly one may ask, how far is Starved Rock from Chicago?

100 miles

Has anyone died at Starved Rock?

Brothers Inmer Rivera Tejada, 39, Rafael Rivera Tejada, 36, and their nephew Guillermo Rivera Tejada, 26, were killed May 6, 2021 near Starved Rock State Park.

Is Starved Rock closing?

Starved Rock – All trails are opened, with the exception of the Owl Canyon Overlook and Tonti Canyon. The Visitors’ Center is open 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m and closed on weekends and holidays.

How long is Starved Rock Trail?

4.3 mile

What trail is the waterfall on at Starved Rock?

Starved Rock to French Canyon trail

What animals live in Starved Rock?

Winter can yield wildlife signs in the snow such as tracks from red fox, grey fox, coyote, raccoon, and opossum. The land that includes today’s Starved Rock State Park has a long and wonderful history.

What can I bring into Starved Rock?

Bring plenty of water and snacks.

There are 13 miles of trails and a surprising amount of stairs. You and your littles will get thirsty, and you’ll be glad to have something to keep you hydrated. Be kind to nature and bring a reusable water bottle.

Can you fly a drone at Starved Rock?

Please remember drones are not allowed at Starved Rock State Park! Thank you for understanding the importance of keeping wildlife safe and keeping nature enjoyable for those hiking the trails.

Is Starved Rock a day trip?

Hiking In Starved Rock State Park, A Perfect Chicago Day Trip. … amazing food, architecture, beautiful parks and lakefront or river trails. But if you’re looking for a *real* hiking and nature experience around Chicago, a day trip to Starved Rock State Park is what you need.

Can you swim at Starved Rock?

Under no circumstances should you attempt to wade or swim in the river, canyons or from any park shoreline. Kayak rentals at Starved Rock are operated by a private concessionaire-Kayak Starved Rock.

How big is Starved Rock?

2,630 acres

Starved Rock State Park
Area 2,630 acres (10.6 km2)
Established 1911
Named for Starved Rock
Visitors 2.1 million

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