Is there a plant called Olivia?

Begonia ‘Olivia‘ is a vigorous, tuberous begonia, bearing masses of soft pink, double flowers with a faint yellow blush, throughout summer and into autumn. ‘Olivia‘ grows well in sun to shade.

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Likewise, people ask, how old is Olivia Evi plant?

She is 18 years of age and was born on April 9, 2002.

Likewise, where does Olivia Evi plant live? She travels between Australia and Los Angeles, California.

Similarly, is there an Olivia Rose?

Description. Pretty buds open to beautiful, cupped rosettes of an even, mid pink colouring. They have a light to medium fruity fragrance. It commences flowering exceptionally early in the season and flowers in flushes until well into the autumn.

When should I prune my Olivia Rose?

We recommend pruning in late winter/early spring, when the first growth is beginning.

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