Is there an app for plant care?

Best App for Plant Progress

ThePlantMe app features a “history” tool where you can upload photos of your plant, keeping a visual record of its progress. For each plant you upload, you can access a profile that shows you its care requirements. You can even set up schedules and reminders for watering and fertilizing.

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In this way, what is the best plant care app?

7 apps to keep your plants alive and well

  • Best overall: Planta.
  • Best free app: Florish.
  • Most informative: Blossom.
  • Best for sick plants: PictureThis.
  • Best for keeping track of progress: ThePlantMe.
  • Best for reminders: Gardenia.
  • Best for plant parents who already know the basics: Vera.
Moreover, is there an app that will tell me whats wrong with my plant? Enter The Plant Doctor. Developed by Scot Nelson, a plant pathologist at the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Rescources (UH-CTAHR), The Plant Doctor is an interactive smartphone app that helps users accurately identify and manage plant pests and diseases.

Likewise, is the Plantin app worth it?

Several users attest to Plantin providing necessary info to save their dying plants. … This app is definitely worth trying out if you’re struggling to grow your plants at home.

How much does Planta app cost?

Planta App Quick Overview

Price • Free (Basic version) • $7.99/month (Premium version)
Android App Store Rating 4.3
Size 42.8 MB
Category on App Store Lifestyle
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk

What is Blossom app?

Blossom is a smartphone app for iPhones and Android devices. It uses artificial intelligence along with your smartphone camera to identify over 10,000 different plants. … It had plenty of room to grow and at first glance, it appears to be the healthiest plant in that particular flower bed.

What is the best free plant care app?

5 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Plants

  • Plantsnap. Plantsnap is a free mobile application for iOS and Android that helps you identifying plants. …
  • Gardening Reference Guide. …
  • Sun Seeker/Sun Surveyor. …
  • Happy Plant. …
  • My Garden.

Is Planta free?

Our app of the week, Planta, is the plant-care app you’ve always needed. … While Planta is free to download and has some free features for users to utilize, the paid plans include many more including recommendations, plant Identification, plant care, plant journal, and guides.

Is my plant Dead app?

Planta knows when! Based on what plant, where in the world, weather, light in the room and more. Just add them to the app and get notified when it’s time to water, fertilize, mist, clean (yes, it’s a thing) and repot! … 8 million plants have already found their spot in their home!

Is there a free app to identify plant diseases?

iNaturalist. Free on Android and iOS. Artificial intelligence is used here to immediately ID all kinds of plants and wildlife, and it’s also a social network for naturalists — you can record and share observations of plants, add them to the database and in turn ask the community for help identifying your finds.

Is Planta an Android?

Planta is now available on Android! You can download the app here or by searching ‘Planta – Keep your plants alive’ in the Google Play Store.

How do you use the Plantix app?

Steps to Use Plantix App on Mobile/ Computer:

As the first step, the Farmer should take images of the diseases. Then he/she has to upload images to the Plantix app. After scanning with many images, the app comes to a conclusion. Furthermore, you will get recommendations to treat and prevent further damage.

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