Mangave: How to Grow and Care for Bloodspot

Mangave Bloodspot

Scientific name: Mangave

Common name: Bloodspot

The Agave and Manfreda hybrid has a small rosette. Its leaves are green and maroon. It will put off offsets until the mother plant dies. The evergreen ‘Bloodspot’ will not enter a true dormancy unless its roots are kept dry.

Quick Look at Mangave

  • Full sun
  • Typical water needs for a succulent
  • Plant grows up to 12″ (30.5 cm) tall
    Plant grows up to 24″ (61 cm) wide
  • Zone 9a (Minimum 20° F | -6.7° C)
  • Not cold hardy
  • Propagation by offsets
  • Generally non-toxic
  • Can be Summer Dormant if it gets dry

General Care for Mangave ‘Bloodspot’

It is an excellent addition to xeriscaped gardens. Some growers have had success with their plant continuing to grow after flowering.


The watering needs for a Succulent is typical. The “soak and dry” method will allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. The roots of ‘Bloodspot’ will enter a dormancy if they remain dry for too long.

Where to Plant

If you live in a zone that gets colder than 20 F, it’s best to consider a different succulent. There is an area of your garden that gets 6 hours of sunlight a day.

How to Propagate Mangave ‘Bloodspot’

Mangave ‘Bloodspot’ is a hybrid, so it can be grown from offsets.


There will be small offsets around the base of the plant. Pull these up and allow the offsets to dry for a day or two.


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