Should I repot my string of pearls?

Repotting. Strings of pearls are delicate plants with shallow root systems. Therefore, they don’t need to be repotted every year if you see the plant is still growing well. Repot your string of pearls if you can see that it’s getting too large for its pot.

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Additionally, should I top or bottom water string of pearls?

Don’t over-water – The String of Pearls has shallow roots and doesn’t require excessive amounts of water in one go, but rather a little and often (twice a week). As soon as you see drops of water draining from the bottom of your pot, you can stop watering. 6.

Herein, do string of pearl plants need a lot of light? The string of pearls plant grows well in bright light, including sunlight. … Give this houseplant a well-draining sandy soil, preferably the type most suitable for growing cacti and succulent plants. Pot your plant in a hanging basket so its trailing foliage can hang down.

Hereof, how often should you water string of pearls?

once every two weeks

How do you know when string of pearls need water?

Underwatering. Although string of pearls stores water in their leaves, they need proper watering to stay healthy. When their water storage runs down, their little round leaves begin to shrivel.

How long should I Bottom water my string of pearls?

Where should I put my string of pearls?

String of pearls does well in bright light. Consider placing it on a sunny windowsill or, if bright sunlight is limited, leave it under a fluorescent light during daylight hours. Make sure there’s plenty of room for your plant to sprawl. Consider displaying it in a hanging basket so tendrils can cascade downwards.

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