Should money plant be kept in sunlight?

Money plant generally grows well in direct sunlight in garden, in indoor places, or low light conditions. A partially sunny and partially shady area is also preferred for good growth of money plants. This plant can sustain a high amount of sunlight but one must remember that scorching rays will burn the leaves.

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Besides, is money plant invasive?

This invasive plant flowers later in the spring than money plant, its leaves are longer and narrower, and the seed pods are long and slender as compared to the rounded seedpods of money plant. … Immature, green seed pods of money plant (Lunaria annua).

Keeping this in consideration, which money plant is lucky?

Pachira Money Tree

Also, why Money plant do not have flowers?

Non-flowering plants are those that do not ever produce flowers. Money plant is a non-flowering plant and hence, does not produce seeds. It reproduces by vegetative propagation by stem cuttings.

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