What animal is eating my succulents?

Larger animals that can eat succulents are voles, possums, mice, squirrels and other rodents. Even dogs and cats sometimes eat succulents, but they often stop after tasting them. If you have dogs or cats, make sure your succulents are non-toxic to them, and move your succulents out of their reach.

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Subsequently, what animal is eating my succulents at night?

The list varies depending on where you live, but the most common animals that succulent growers complain of are squirrels, possums, cats, and birds.

Additionally, do deer and rabbits eat succulents? 4. Deer and rabbits usually don’t eat them. Usually. … While no plant is truly deer or rabbit proof, it appears they tend to go for other plants before munching on succulents.

Similarly, will deer eat my aloe vera plant?

Types of Deer-Resistant Succulents

Some succulents are more deer resistant than others. It is safe to keep these plants outdoors. These are: Aloe.

What is eating my succulents leaves?

So what eats succulent leaves? The list varies depending on where in the world you are, but the most common animals that eat succulents around the world are aphids, mealy bugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers, snails and slugs.

Do squirrels eat succulent plants?

Unlike most of the insect pests, squirrels can take big chunks out of plants. Look for jagged tear marks and deep wounds in succulent leaves and cacti. Squirrels usually don’t take more than a few bites from your succulents… so the evidence will stick around!

Do rabbits eat succulent plants?

If you let these tiny critters wander around your garden, they will eat your plants, even your succulents! Like deer, rabbits do not usually feed on succulents if there are other tasty options available on the proverbial buffet table but rabbits do eat succulents if there is no tastier food available.

Will gophers eat succulents?

These rodents will eat practically any type of plant, especially the roots and tubers. … Like deer, gophers are opportunistic feeders and yes, gophers do eat succulents when food and water are in short supply.

Do Voles eat succulents?

Voles are small rodents that look like mice, except they usually have smaller eyes and ears, a stouter body, and short tails. They are sometimes called field mice. They eat a wide variety of vegetation – seeds, tubers, nuts, fruit, bark, green leaves, juicy stems, succulent roots, and more.

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