What are hens and chicks succulents?

Hens and chicks are members of the Sempervivum group of succulent plants. They are commonly called houseleeks and grow well indoors and out, in cool or hot temperatures. Hens and chicks plants are so called because of the rosette shape and habit of the plant to produce numerous babies.

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Thereof, how do you identify hens and chicks?

Hen and Chicks Characteristics

Whether you grow them as houseplants or outdoors, all hens and chicks are low-growing succulents, with thick, fleshy leaves arranged in rosettes. Sometimes those leaves are shades of green, but often, as with houseleeks, the leaves may be tinged with blue or deep red.

Also, how do I care for my hens and chicks succulents? Hens and chicks are drought-tolerant perennials, so they can withstand going weeks at a time without proper watering. Give newly transplanted plants sufficient water to help them get established, but once they are, be careful not to over-water them. Check the soil and make sure it is dry before watering.

Accordingly, can hens and chicks grow indoors?

Hens and chicks (Sempervivum tectorum or S. arachnoideum) can grow outdoors or indoors. In fact, they are great container plants. … These plants are low maintenance, even thriving on neglect, and are fun indoor plants.

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