What can I put in a box full of sunshine?

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Beside this, what do you put in a happiness box?

The joy of a Happiness Box is that it can be totally personalised to the Child; they put in the box things that make them happy. It might be a piece of music; it might be soft toy, a book, or a blanket that brings comfort. A Happiness Box can be as large or small, as round or square, as you want it to be.

In this way, what is a Sunshine package? This week, I found inspiration on Instagram by way of #SunshineBoxes, which are packages filled with yellow objects as a way to brighten someone’s day. … For inspiration, check out a few of our favorite sunshine boxes on Instagram.

Herein, what do you put in boxes?


  1. Tickets for events attended and loved.
  2. Notes from people.
  3. Diaries / Journals.
  4. Greetings cards that you’ve been given from loved ones.
  5. Photos of larger items you want to remember but can’t keep (homes, cars etc…)
  6. Photos of specific events / people.
  7. DVDs of events / people.

What to give someone who is recovering from surgery?

Gather some of these fun and thoughtful items to include as get well gift basket ideas for after surgery.

  1. Soup. Mom always knew a bowl of soup would make you feel better. …
  2. Extra Cookies. …
  3. Lots of Tea. …
  4. Fresh Honey. …
  5. A Cozy Throw. …
  6. Meals for the Family. …
  7. Moisturizer. …
  8. Lip Balm.

What do you put in a bad day box for your boyfriend?

A bad day survival kit, also called a bad day box or make-it-better box, is a kit filled with things that are designed to make you feel better when you’re upset, sad, disappointed, angry, or hurt.

  1. Old cigar boxes.
  2. Shoe boxes.
  3. Popcorn or cookie tins.
  4. Gift boxes or priority mail boxes.

What is happiness box?

The Happiness Box is a visible and tangible way of creating, before the child’s eyes, what inner strength may actually look like; it enables them to practice and rehearse strategies that help them cope with their emotions, resolve inner conflict, and bring them to a calm emotional state.

How do you make a Sunshine box?

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