What can you add to polymer clay?

13 Things You Can Mix with Polymer Clay

  • Other brands of polymer clay. “There’s no problem with mixing different brands together, and you may want to do this often to obtain the properties of both clays. …
  • Other colours of polymer clay. …
  • Pastels. …
  • Pearl Ex Mica Powders. …
  • Oil Paint. …
  • Ink. …
  • Glitter. …
  • Microbeads.

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Accordingly, what do you use to sand down polymer clay?

Moreover, how do you strengthen polymer clay? Polymer clay needs to be baked for at least 35 minutes to give the clay time to cure. However, baking polymer clay for longer will increase its strength. As long as your oven temperature is correct and your pieces are protected with a tent, you can bake for virtually as long as you like.

Also know, how do you make polymer clay look like concrete?

How do you get sparkles in polymer clay?

Adding Glitter To Polymer Clay Before Baking

When it’s ready, roll out the clay, either through a machine or with a rolling pin. Spread glitter all over the surface of the clay. Fold the clay in half and roll it again, adding more glitter before every fold to get the level of sparkles you want.

Is it safe to sand polymer clay?

You can sand under water. Wet sanding polymer clay keeps fine dust from sticking to the bead’s surface and makes sanding much easier. It also prevents scratch marks on your beads.

How do I get a smooth finish with polymer clay?

However, if you want to a very smooth surface that is completely free from bumps, marks and fingerprints, there is another simple trick. Alcohol melts Sculpey. We can take advantage of this by dipping a paintbrush in rubbing alcohol and then gently brushing the sculpture until the alcohol dries.

Can you sand polymer clay after baking?

Sandpaper is used to sand your clay after it has been baked, however you must make sure that you are using Wet/Dry Sandpaper so that you can keep the polymer dust out of the air and use it with water. Wet/Dry Sandpaper is Black in colour as opposed to orange or brown. … The higher the digit, the finer the sand paper.

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