What can you do with leftover leaves?

After you have cut off your buds, you can take the leaves and turn them into a cream. Simply grind up the leaves as finely as you can and then infuse it into a fat base such as coconut oil or avocado oil. You can then mix some of that into a cream you already use or you can apply it as is.

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In this manner, do stems and leaves get you high?

CBD and THC Are Present In The Leaves

Resin glands are all over the cannabis plant, except the inside of the stems and the roots. So, the clear-cut answer is yes, and you can get high when you smoke cannabis leaves.

Herein, what can I do with shakes and stems? Just toss them in your grinder and pulverize the best you can. It’s enough for a few bowls typically, and vaping should help smooth out any harshness associated with the debris. Honestly, it’s not going to taste all that great, but let’s not pretend we expect that from our stems and shake.

Considering this, what do you do with fan leaf trimmings?

However, it’s becoming popular to juice fan leaves as one does with other common leafy greens. You can also dry fan leaves and brew them into tea and or use them in recipes for salves. Sugar leaves, on the other hand, produce a thick coat of cannabinoid-packed trichomes.

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