What do you mean by propagation?

: the act or action of propagating: such as. a : increase (as of a kind of organism) in numbers. b : the spreading of something (such as a belief) abroad or into new regions. c : enlargement or extension (as of a crack) in a solid body.

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Just so, what is the synonym of propagate?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for propagate, like: spread, reproduce, destroy, raise, sire, scatter, spread far and wide, breed, originate, engender and procreate.

Similarly one may ask, what is propagate in physics? (physics) The act or process of propagating, especially the process by which a disturbance, such as the motion of electromagnetic or sound waves, is transmitted through a medium such as air or water. noun. 6. 5. Propagation is the reproduction or spreading of something.

Furthermore, what does propagate mean in religion?

1 verb If people propagate an idea or piece of information, they spread it and try to make people believe it or support it. FORMAL.

What is propagating in science?

verb. (1) To cause an organism to reproduce or breed, especially by natural means. (2) To transmit or spread (e.g. hereditary characteristic) from one generation to another.

What is propagation in law?

According to 16 CFR 18.0 [Title 16 Commercial Practices; Chapter I Federal Trade Commission; Subchapter B Guides and Trade Practice Rules], propagated means “reproduced from seeds, cuttings, callus or other plant tissue, spores or other propagules under a controlled environment that is intensely manipulated by human

What is theory of propagation?

A theory is developed for the propagation of stress waves in a porous elastic solid containing compressible viscous fluid. … The physical interpretation of the result is clarified by treating first the case where the fluid is frictionless.

What does propagation mean in the Bible?

Webster Dictionary

F. propagation.] Propagationnoun. the spreading abroad, or extension, of anything; diffusion; dissemination; as, the propagation of sound; the propagation of the gospel.

What is the speed of propagation?

The dielectric constant of a material indicates its ability to store electrical energy. The propagation speed is expressed as a percentage in what way it is relative to the speed of light, which is the ideal propagation speed and occurs in a vacuum.

Is propagation the same as propaganda?

As nouns the difference between propaganda and propagation

is that propaganda is a concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of large numbers of people while propagation is the multiplication or natural increase in a population.

Where can you propagate plants?

Propagation for many plants is best done in potting soil, but some plants can be propagated in water. This is because they have evolved in an environment that allows it. Most Aroid plants can be propagated in water, including pothos plants, philodendrons, monsteras, and ZZ plants.

What is propagate antonym?

propagate. Antonyms: extinguish, strangle, stifle, neutralize, reduce, contract, suppress, diminish, fail, dwindle, die, contradict. Synonyms: breed, generate, produce, originate, spread, extend, expand, disseminate, diffuse, increase, multiply, promulgate, propound, broach.

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