What does it mean when your succulent grows tall?

If succulents don’t get enough sunlight they begin to grow tall and stretch out. … While succulents are fairly slow growing, its amazing how quickly they seem to stretch when they aren’t getting the light they need. The technical term for this is etiolation. Some succulents will stretch less than others.

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Accordingly, which succulents are tall?

Agave Americana (Century Plant)

Agave americana is also known as the Century Plant. They are considered tall succulents because they can grow up to 5 feet (1.5m) high! Agave plants typically have long, narrow leaves and many small flowers that bloom in clusters atop an inflorescence stalk (stem).

In respect to this, why is my succulent growing tall instead of wide? If your succulent is growing tall instead of wide, it means it is suffering from etiolation. Simply said, your succulent needs more light. … You can propagate your stretched succulent and end up with more plants in the process.

Also question is, how do you care for succulent rosettes?

You should water your plants thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Wait until the soil has dried out completely before watering your plant, and then give it a good watering, letting the water stream through the drainage holes of the pot. Never let your succulents sit in water. Do NOT water on the leaves.

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