What does soak mean slang?

Slang. to beat hard; punish severely: I was soaked for that mistake.

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Keeping this in view, do you soak meaning?

1 : to lie immersed in liquid (such as water) : become saturated by or as if by immersion. 2a : to enter or pass through something by or as if by pores or interstices : permeate. b : to penetrate or affect the mind or feelings —usually used with in or into. 3 : to drink alcoholic beverages intemperately.

Also question is, does soaked mean drunk? To make (a person) drunk. 5. Slang To charge (a person) an inordinate amount for something: people were getting soaked during the gas shortage.

In this manner, what does you old soak mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English an old soaksomeone who is often drunk – used humorously ? soakExamples from the Corpusan old soak• The father’s nice enough, but a bit of an old soak and the grandmother was a dragon.

What is to soak?

To soak is to get something completely wet, or for liquid to go into something. An example of to soak is to submerge a rag in water. An example of to soak is for stain to absorb into wood.

What does being soaked mean?

If someone or something gets soaked or soaked through, water or some other liquid makes them extremely wet. I have to check my tent – it got soaked last night in the storm. We got soaked to the skin. Synonyms: drenched, saturated, sodden, sopping More Synonyms of -soaked.

Do not soak means?

washing the garment. Do not soak. … This symbol means that the garment must not be washed in water.

What is the sentence of soak?

Soak sentence example. Three or four miles from town, the roadway opened and he slowed, allowing the warmth of the day to soak into his stiff body. She was running water into the skillet to let it soak when Alex came up behind her.

What means to soak before?

verb transitive. to soak beforehand; specif., to soak ( laundry) in a detergent solution before beginning the regular laundering process.

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