What flowers go well with ranunculus?

Ranunculus pair well with almost any flowers or greenery because they are smaller blooms that have an incredibly unique texture. Some great choices would be peonies or garden roses, anemones, tulips, dahlias, stock, astilbe and soft drapey greens like the ferns I used here.

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In this manner, how much is a bouquet of ranunculus?

Open ranunculus give the feel of big-headed flowers for less. This arrangement is lush yet wallet friendly with its $95 – $125 price tag, thanks to the use of two floral varieties.

One may also ask, are Ranunculus expensive wedding flowers? Ranunculus cost can vary widely (like most wedding flowers) by time of year, color, and vendor, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $2-$9/stem.

Likewise, how do you use ranunculus in a bouquet?

Are ranunculus good for bouquets?

Thanks to its ruffly petals, ranunculus adds instant texture to bouquets and centerpieces, and “really elevates an arrangement. “I like to use them in boutonnieres too because they also stand well on their own and look great against black suits and tuxedos,” she says.

Is a ranunculus a peony?

Ranunculus are buttercups, while peonies fall into their own category—Paeonia. … The ranunculus is similar to peonies, but the main difference between ranunculus and peonies is, the bloom size is a bit smaller and the flower has a flatter shape.

How many ranunculus are in a bunch?


Stems/Bunch: 10
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 1” to 2” blooms; 10” to 12” long soft, hollow stems
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-7 days

What does ranunculus symbolize?

Although ranunculus flowers generally symbolize charm and attractiveness, they come in different colors that further give another meaning.

When can I plant ranunculus?

Ranunculus does best in regions with mild winters and long, cool springs. Fall is the ideal planting time in such areas. Those with colder winters can plant in late winter–early spring, once the threat of hard frosts is over.

How long do Ranunculus flowers last?

Ranunculus flower sizes range from 2” to 5” across and the long stems are ideal for cutting. If the flowers are cut before they’re fully open, they last for 10 to 12 days in a vase. 2. Ranunculus need well-drained soil and all-day sun.

What is the most expensive flower for wedding?


How much should a bouquet cost?

Average wedding flower costs

Common floral items for weddings Low-priced High-priced
Bridal bouquet $60 $965
Bridesmaids’ bouquets (each) $60 $65
Flower girl crowns $35 $40
Groom’s boutonniere $15 $35

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