What happens if you put indoor plants outside?

Is it good to put indoor plants outside? While indoor plants quite enjoy the fresh air and the sunlight of the outdoors, you can’t just take your houseplant and move it outside randomly one day. Otherwise, it will fall into a state of shock and could die. It’s better to slowly adjust the plant to their new home.

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Beside above, what temperature can houseplants go outside?

But since most of the plants we grow as houseplants come from warm regions, they cannot tolerate temperatures below about 50 degrees. They also need to be gradually accustomed to the shift from the low light and protection of the indoors to stronger light and variable conditions outside.

Correspondingly, how long should I leave my indoor plants outside? As long as you don’t leave your plants out for more than a day or two, it should not be a significant problem. Protect your indoor plants from access by kids or pets when they are outside, especially if they have leaves that might be irritating or toxic. Toddlers, pets, and plants don’t usually play nicely together.

Furthermore, how do you keep houseplants alive outside?

Keeping potted plants alive is a learned skill, and there is no reason you can’t learn to do it, too.

  1. Watch for Shade vs. Sun. …
  2. Keep an Eye on the Temperature. With outdoor plants, one of the biggest considerations is the weather. …
  3. Think About the Rain. …
  4. Deadheading. …
  5. Keep Pests Away.

Do houseplants need direct sunlight?

As with watering, every plant has different light requirements. Many plants prefer direct sunlight, but this may be hard to get inside a house. Placing a plant in a window might offer enough light, but some houseplants will need supplementing from a grow light (see Lighting Indoor Houseplants).

How cold can indoor plants tolerate?

Most can’t handle temperatures below 10 degrees at all.

Plant damage might already happen with temperatures below 13 degrees (for instance with begonias). A few might be able to temporarily tolerate chilling temperatures but that doesn’t mean that they really enjoy it!

Is it too early to put my plants outside?

Most house plants be put outside between May and September. Timings do vary around the country and from year to year, so to be safe, wait until about 2-4 weeks since the last frost. If your garden is exposed, then you may also choose to wait a little later.

How cold is too cold for plants outside?

The general rule of thumb is that most plants freeze when temperatures remain at 28°F for five hours. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Seedlings, with their tender new leaves, often give up the ghost when temperatures dip to 32-33°F.

Can I put peace lily outside?

Though most peace lilies are grown as houseplants, you can also grow them outside if you live in zones 10 to 12. Plant them in a shady spot (where they’ll naturally get much more ambient light than if they were growing inside) in soil that’s consistently slightly moist.

When can you put potted plants outside?

To be safe, wait a month after the last frost to even consider putting houseplants outside. Some advice says that your plants will be okay once the nighttime temperature is consistently above 55 degrees F.

Is rain good for indoor plants?

The higher oxygen content in rainwater can even help your houseplants from becoming waterlogged. However, be prepared for possible windy weather and lower temperatures that can quickly flare up with rain. The rain can be greatly beneficial, but it can also cause damage to your houseplants if you’re not careful.

Can I leave plants outside overnight?

Step 3: Leave seedlings outside overnight

Eventually, allow your plants to stay in full sun and outside overnight as long as night temperatures do not drop below freezing. If it is going to get below freezing move the plants indoors. Resume the hardening off process once temperatures return to normal conditions.

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