What happens when a plant gets too much light?

To put it bluntly, yes, too much light can eventually kill your plant. The light intensity can produces increasingly severe damage to your plant to the point where it dies. It can also dry out the plant to the point where it no longer has the water it needs for growth and photosynthesis.

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Beside this, can indoor plants get too much light?

Yes, too much light can obviously kill an indoor plant. When a plant receives too much light, it starts getting dehydrated. You can also see other signs like wilting of new growth and foliage damage. If we do not move the plant to an appropriate spot, then it is likely to die.

Likewise, people ask, is 24 hour light bad for plants? Photosynthesis involves two biochemical processes, known as light reaction and dark reaction. … Dark reactions, however, can happen at any time and often occur while the plant is exposed to light. Because dark reactions do not require the absence of light, plants will remain healthy when exposed to light 24 hours a day.

Additionally, do plants droop from too much light?

Providing your plant with too much light will cause it to burn and drop since it will die. Leaving it in the dark will not allow the plant to make its food. No sunlight means no photosynthesis, which in return means that the plant will lose energy and die.

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