What is a plant fairy?

The ‘Plant fairy’ will call out a name of something and you all will have to touch it. The game began. Didi said – The ‘Plant fairy’ asks you to touch a plant. … Children can be asked by what name, games like Chhupanchhupai, Antakshari are called in their regions.

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Likewise, what did plant Fairy order first?

What did the plant fairy order first? Ans. Plant fairy ordered everybody to touch a plant.

Just so, what does Daya Ram hold while playing plant Fairy? Dayaram hold of a neem tree and stood there.

Simply so, which leaf gives out a smell when crushed?

Lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora) has lemon-scented leaves that release their fragrance when crushed or brushed past.

What is the purpose of a fairy garden?

A Fairy Garden is a small container garden or a small cultivated space near a tree with miniature sized plants and elements, the purpose of which is to be a place for fairies to live. Fairies can be hand picked and placed in the garden. Or the habitat can be built so that fairies will visit when no one is looking.

What kind of plants go in a fairy garden?

Herbs – Creeping thyme, woolly thyme, dwarf rosemary and chives. Not only do these stay small and convey a sense of whimsy, but they add aromatic appeal to the garden. 2. Succulents – Sedum, hens and chicks and other Sempervivum species are a classic example of little plants with big appeal.

What are decorative plants Where do you keep them?

Decorative plants kept in gardens, terraces, balconies, parks, in front of hotels, houses, and etc. Ornamental plants also known as decorative plants. These plants are grown for decorative purposes. The cultivation of decorative plants is called horticulture.

What is the famous tree in India?

Banyan is the national tree of India. Trees in India have a sacred place in the scriptures as well and many trees are worshipped.

Who all live with you in your house?

6. Who all live with you in your house? Ans. My family members, including my father, mother and my sister, live in my house.

Can you name the plant on which teacher was sitting?

1. Can you name a plant in which Didi was sitting? Ans. Yes, Didi was sitting on the grass (plant).

Which leaf gave a good rubbing?

Which leaf gave a good rubbing? Ans. Leaves with rough surface gave good rubbing.

Why was Dadi not able to climb the stairs quickly?

Answer: Dadi was not able to climb the stairs quickly because she was old and weak.

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