What is lavender classified?

Lavender, (genus Lavandula), genus of about 30 species of the mint family (Lamiaceae), native to countries bordering the Mediterranean. Lavender species are common in herb gardens for their fragrant leaves and attractive flowers.

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Moreover, how many different types of lavender are there?

45 different species
People also ask, what’s another name for lavender? What is another word for lavender?
mauve lilac
plum violet

Likewise, is Lavandula the same as lavender?

Lavandula (common name lavender) is a genus of 47 known species of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. … The most widely cultivated species, Lavandula angustifolia, is often referred to as lavender, and there is a color named for the shade of the flowers of this species.

Are rosemary and lavender in the same family?

Rosemary and lavender are common kitchen herbs, known for their strong aromas and flavors. However, you would not be the first person to confuse these popular herbs. They have similar appearances and belong to the same family of plants.

Is rosemary and lavender the same?

One key difference between rosemary and lavender has to do with the main flavors of each herb. Rosemary has a flavor that has elements of pine resin and of tea. Lavender has a softer flavor with less intensity. Its flavor is mainly a floral one accompanied by notes that are simultaneously fruity and woody.

What months does lavender bloom?

While Lavender is usually regarded as a summer-blooming flower, some Lavender plants are early bloomers with their magnificent blooms appearing early in spring. Others are late bloomers with blooms opening up in midsummer and lasting until late summer. Some bloom almost continuously from spring to summer’s end.

How far do you plant lavender apart?

How to plant

  1. Plant the lavender as soon as possible after buying.
  2. Space plants about 90cm (3ft) apart if growing in groups.
  3. If planting a hedge, space plants 30cm (1ft) apart or 45cm (18in) for larger cultivars.
  4. After planting, water regularly, especially in dry weather, for the first season.

What does lavender symbolize?

Lavender flowers are known to represent purity, silence, devotion serenity, grace and calmness. In addition to the flower’s significance, its purple color also comes with great symbolism.

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