What is the best soil to use for indoor plants?

A good indoor potting mix is usually composed of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. These soilless mixes absorb moisture very well and resist compaction, but they tend to dry out very quickly. Since they do not contain any nutrients, you must provide your plants with a consistent supply of fertilizer.

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People also ask, how do you mix soil for indoor plants?

DIY Indoor Plant Potting Mix Recipe

  1. 2 parts pre-moistened peat moss** or coco coir.
  2. 1 part perlite or pumice.
  3. 1/4 ā€“ 1/2 part vermiculite.
In this regard, can you use any soil for indoor plants? Potting mix is different from outdoor soil. It’s best to use potting mix for any indoor plants. Use one that gives your plant roots the preferred air, moisture and nutrition balance it needs. Soil from the outdoors is heavy and is best used for outdoor gardening.

Besides, what’s the difference between topsoil and potting soil?

Topsoil is sand or clay (ground-up rocks) mixed with organic materials such as compost. Potting soil is a mixture of peat moss and other organic materials such as composted sawdust. … Potting soil is mostly air so it’s light. Topsoil holds lots of water, so it will stay moist for a long time.

Is Cocopeat good for indoor plants?

Coir peat is the ideal growing medium for houseplants, due to excellent moisture retention and good aerobic qualities. Indoor plants require a soil that is loose and open in texture, in order to ensure that water can disperse freely, and air can circulate.

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