What is the crown of a succulent?

The crown of shrubs, perennials, and annuals is the area where the stems join the root. Roots grow down from the plant crown and stems grow up.

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Hereof, does crown of thorns need full sun?

Plant crown of thorns euphorbia shrubs in full sun for best blossoms. The plants also tolerate salt spray. As with any shrub, a crown of thorns plant needs irrigation after transplant until its root system gets established. After that, you can cut back on water thanks to its great drought tolerance.

Why is my crown of thorns not flowering?

Water crown-of-thorns regularly. A weekly schedule is not excessive if soil is permitted to dry to the depth of an inch between waterings. Overwatering can result in spongy stems, leaf loss and failure to bloom. In addition to testing soil for moisture, watch for leaf-droop as a signal that more water may be needed.

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