What is the difference between Raskog and Rashult?

Surely you’ve seen these trolleys around- the Raskog is a bigger model that can stand by your desk, whilst the Rashult is smaller and ideal for fitting under tables. It’s multipurpose makes it great for toiletries, makeup, kitchen utensils, stationery, tools, you name it!

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Also to know is, what can you do with Raskog?

You could use it as fruit and bread storage on a kitchen. The cart is a great organizer for books and computer devices in a living room. You can even turn it into a mobile coffee station. IKEA’s cart is great to move your cleaning supplies around the house when you’re having a cleaning day.

Just so, can you paint the IKEA Raskog cart? Not only is the RASKOG kitchen cart one of the most versatile IKEA products, but all you need to make it work in any style room is a single can of spray paint.

Consequently, is Raskog adjustable?

The Raskog almost mirrors the functionality of the Hazet Assistant tool box, but is smaller, not very adjustable, and its casters look like they’ll fall apart if you look at them the wrong way. … You have 3 baskets, a tubular frame, and 4 casters. The baskets have a mesh bottom.

How do you lock IKEA Raskog?

How tall is IKEA Raskog cart?


How do you paint an Ikea Raskog cart?

Does the recollections cart topper fit the IKEA cart?

This item is a handmade topper fit on top of the Ikea Raskog cart. There is a recessed cutout on the bottom to keep it from sliding off. Note: the recessed cut-out is about a pencil width smaller than the inside of the cart.

What do you use a utility cart for?

Three-tiered metal rolling carts are the solution to all of your organization problems. Rolling carts can be used to make and organize a mobile bar cart, cleaning supply closet or craft station.

Can you spray paint IKEA cart?

If you were already using your cart, you’ll first want to disassemble the cart so you can separate your shelves from the frame. After removing the baskets, You’ll spray paint the entire frame with copper spray. – I found it was helpful to keep the frame intact while painting so I could reach all of the right places.

How do you spray paint a cart?

How do you spray paint IKEA trolley?

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