What is the difference between white and purple grow lights?

Essentially, all white LEDs are really blue LEDs that are coated with a substance (phosphors) that converts some of the blue light into longer, less energetic wavelengths. … Purple LED fixtures are usually comprised of combinations of red LEDs (usually 75 to 90 percent) and blue LEDs (usually 10 to 25 percent).

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In this manner, is purple light better for plants?

Purple light has a much shorter wavelength than red light and it can be just as effective in helping your plants through the vegetative growth process as blue light. This type of light is very energetic and that energy can be used by your plants, although it won’t be overly effective by itself.

Also question is, why is my grow light purple? The purple color emitted by LED lights is caused by the combination of blue and red wavelengths of light that make up most LEDs. Studies show that these two wavelengths are critical in plant development, which is why manufacturers use multiple red and blue wavelengths in their grow lights.

People also ask, are Colored grow lights better?

Plants grow best when they have all colors of light. They want mostly red and blue (with about 5 times as much red as blue), with a good amount of light in every other color as well.

Do purple LED grow lights work?

Purple LED lights work. They veg and flower plants well. … Metal halide bulbs emit cooler white light, with higher amounts of blue, while HPS bulbs emit a warmer white light, with much more yellow, orange and red. Both do not contain all colors in similar amounts, like sunlight, but both are still white light.

Will plants grow under white LED lights?

And the answer is a resounding “yes.” White LED lights are great for growing plants. … This means that a fixture with a healthy amount of green will stimulate growth further beneath the canopy than a light that does not contain green wavelengths. In the end, white light has a great effect on plant growth.

What color light is best for plant growth?

What Color Light is Best for Plant Growth?

  • Violet-blue light in the 400 – 520 nanometer range encourages chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis, and growth.
  • Red light in the 610 – 720 spectrum range promotes flowering and budding.

What color LED is best for plants?

Plants do best with a light that has a lot of red and blue and smaller amounts of green and yellow. White light is not important for plants – having the right amount of each wavelength is important.

What is purple light Good For?

Purple light can help you fall asleep. It also reduces emotional and mental stress. The nervous system and eyes are linked with this secondary colour. Contrary to red light, purple light decreases sexual desires.

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