What is the origin of insipid?

Etymology. From French insipide, from Latin ?nsipidus (“tasteless”), from in- (“not”) + sapidus (“savory”). In some senses, perhaps influenced by insipient (“unwise, foolish, stupid”).

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Furthermore, what does insipidity mean?

1 : lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge : dull, flat insipid prose. 2 : lacking taste or savor : tasteless insipid food.

Likewise, people ask, can a person be insipid? Insipid is an adjective that describes the near or complete blandness of something’s taste. … A dull or tiresome person can be insipid (or have an insipid personality), but one could also find an arcane subject matter, like the history of bronze age Hellenic coinage or Gaussian capacitance calculus, insipid.

Thereof, what’s another word for insipid?

Some common synonyms of insipid are banal, flat, inane, jejune, and vapid. While all these words mean “devoid of qualities that make for spirit and character,” insipid implies a lack of sufficient taste or savor to please or interest.

What does it mean if someone is candid?

1a : marked by honest sincere expression a candid discussion. b : disposed to criticize severely : blunt candid critics. c : indicating or suggesting sincere honesty and absence of deception her candid face. 2 : free from bias, prejudice, or malice : fair a candid observer.

What is the opposite of insipid?

insipid. Antonyms: flavorous, forcible, lively, piquant, pungent, racy, rich, spicy, spirited. Synonyms: cold, dull, flat, flavorless, prosy, stale, stupid, tasteless, vapid.

Is insipid positive or negative?

Positive Negative
Kind Courteous Placid Zealous Intrepid Sensitive Compassionate Cheerful Contented Friendly Fashionable Generous Talented Determined Creative Complacent Sarcastic Arrogant Insipid Timid Cruel Haughty Proud Introverted Stolid Thoughtless Vain Unforgiving Lonely Miserable

Is Misconnect a real word?

Definition of misconnect in the English dictionary

The definition of misconnect in the dictionary is to connect badly or improperly.

What does archly mean?

If you say something archly, you express it in a teasing sort of way. When someone acts archly toward you, it might offend you a bit, or it might make you laugh.

What does tumultuous mean?

loud, excited, and emotional

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