What is the rarest succulent plant?

This makes the Discocactus subterraneo-proliferans the rarest succulent in the world. This particular Discocactus is native to one region in Brazil and is nearly extinct because its natural habitat was cleared and plowed for small-scale agriculture and cattle ranching.

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Beside above, how do you take care of a rainbow pincushion?

“Rainbow Pincushion” tends to need a bit less water than other succulents. It’s best to use the “soak and dry” method, and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Do not water during Winter months.

Hereof, how do you make a pin cushion out of a succulent?

Then, can you propagate a pincushion Peperomia?

How to Propagate Pincushion Peperomia. Like African violets, most Peperomia species are best propagated through stem and leaf cuttings. Take 2? – 3? inches (5-8 cm) long petiole leaf cuttings with a couple of leaves. Let the wounds of the cuttings dry out for a day before replanting them.

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