What is the scent of the Month for May 2021?

Scentsy May 2021 Scent of the month – Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze Scentsy Fragrance. Bright palm leaf and fresh coconut water sway to the rhythm of an ocean breeze.

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Moreover, how big is the little garden warmer from Scentsy?

3.5″ Tall
Scentsy Warmer Dimensions 3.5″ Tall
For Use With Scentsy Wax Bars
Scentsy Category Scentsy Wax & Warmers
Beside above, what are the top 5 Scentsy scents? Most Popular Scentsy Fragrances
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar. $6.00. Shop Now.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar. $6.00. …
  • Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar. $6.00. …
  • Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar. $6.00. …
  • French Lavender Scentsy Bar. $6.00. …
  • Just Breathe Scentsy Bar. $6.00. …
  • Luna Scentsy Bar. $6.00. …
  • Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar. $6.00.

Secondly, is Scentsy bad for plants?

Scentsy uses natural oils when available. … If you are sensitive or allergic to certain plants, please note that diffusing oils are extracted from plants, therefore, it could irritate your allergies if we used a plant that you are sensitive or allergic to.

What is the Scentsy Warmer of the Month for July 2021?

Scentsy July 2021 Warmer & Scent of the Month | Above the Clouds Warmer & Stargazing Fragrance.

Does Scentsy little garden light up?

Our warmers available in a range of styles, with different lighting effects, or no glow at all. In the warmers which operate with a heating plate, the lighting is omitted by LED’s inside.

Are succulents plants?

succulent, any plant with thick fleshy tissues adapted to water storage. … Succulent plants are found in more than 60 plant families, with members of Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, and Crassulaceae being dominantly succulent. A number are cultivated as ornamentals and houseplants, including Aloe, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, and others.

How big is the little garden warmer?

The Little Garden Scentsy Warmer stands 8.5cm tall and it is an element warmer. A meditative merging of cool grays and clean contours elevates this DIY warmer to artistic heights.

How often do I need to change my Scentsy wax?

We state that you can get about 15 hours of fragrance release from using one cube, so one Scentsy Bar should last you around 120 hours. With that being said, if you use our 4 tips above, you will surely maximize the time and you can make one Scentsy Bar last a very long time.

What does Luna scentsy smell like?

Luna Scent – White florals — jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia — juicy berries, and sandalwood shimmer like moonlight. This is the Top Selling Scentsy Fragrance Ever!

What is the most popular Scentsy Buddy?

What are a few of the most popular Buddies in Scentsy history? The top three buddies (according to Bring Back My Buddy votes) are Eliza the Elephant, Suzie the Sloth and Stella the Unicorn. Other Buddies who were runners-up include Bailey the Bunny, Calypso the Unicorn and Hamish the Highland Cow.

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