What kind of cactus looks like a palm tree?

This succulent shrub is not a true palm

Botanical Name Pachypodium lamerei
Common Names Madagascar Palm, Madagascar Cactus Palm Tree, Pachypodium Species, Club Foot
Plant Type Deciduous succulent (not related to true palms)
Mature Size 12 to 24 ft. tall, 10 to 12 ft. wide
Sun Exposure Full sun

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Consequently, is a Madagascar palm a cactus?

Native to southern Madagascar, the Madagascar palm (Pachypodium lamerei) is a member of the succulent and cactus family. Even though this plant has the name “palm”, it is not actually a palm tree at all. … Madagascar palm plants are an excellent addition to any sun-filled room.

Secondly, what plant has palm like leaves? Yucca elephantipes, commonly known as Yucca Palm, Spineless Yucca, or Stick Yucca, is one of the best tree-like houseplants for indoor use. It flaunts thick cane stems and distinctive sword-shaped, soft palm-like foliage. It is an evergreen plant native to Central America and Mexico.

In this regard, what is a Madagascar palm?

As its name suggests, the Madagascar palm is a succulent plant native to southern Madagascar. It features a thick silver stem covered in sharp spines and has long, leathery green leaves that grow on its top. Its trunk can reach up to 6 feet indoors and 20 feet outdoors.

How fast do pachypodium grow?

People often purchase Madagascar plants as small plants without trunks. Mature plants can grow to reach 20? feet tall. However, the Madagascar Palm grows quickly and may reach up to three feet in just a couple of years.

Why is my Madagascar Palm dying?

The more sunlight and warmth your bonsai receives the more often it will need water. The Madagascar Palm will lose its leaves if allowed to dry out completely. More bonsai die due to improper watering than any other cause. … When the topsoil feels dry, water thoroughly and deeply.

Are palms succulents?

While Palms aren’t succulent, they are often grown by collectors of cacti and other succulent plants. Most species have unbranched trunks or stems crowned with large fan (palmate) or feather (pinnate) leaves but there are a few clumping palms.

Is Madagascar palm poisonous?

The sap is poisonous to pets and people. However it’s difficult to get at due to the protective spines on the trunk, so it’s likely your pet or child will avoid the plant as a result. In fact, more damage is caused by these spines than the plant’s sap.

Are Madagascar palms rare?

This is a very rare dwarf palm. It can be both solitary or clustering. It has light green, large undivided leaves and a thin trunk(s).

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