What plant makes bugs go away?


The marigold is one of the most well-known insect-repelling plants and with good reason — they have a scent that will keep pests like mosquitoes, nematodes like cabbage worms, and other pests away.

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In this regard, what can I plant in my garden to keep bugs away?

Here are 10 common varieties of plants and herbs which you can add around your property this summer to keep the annoying insects away.

  1. 5 Plants that Are Natural Pest Deterrents. Citronella grass. Lemongrass. Marigolds. Chrysanthemums. Petunias. …
  2. 5 Herbs that Are Natural Pest Deterrents. Mint. Basil. Lavender. Chives. Rosemary.
Likewise, people ask, does Mint keep bugs away? The pungent nature of mint deters bugs from making your home their home. Pests like ants, mosquitos, and mice will avoid mint plants whenever possible, and it can also help with other menaces like roaches, spiders, and flies.

Beside above, what kills bugs on plants naturally?

Use these 8 treatments to get rid of indoor plant pests naturally;

  • Baby Shampoo Bug Spray.
  • Cooking Oil Spray.
  • Herbal Water Spray.
  • Dish Soap Spray.
  • Neem Oil.
  • Rubbing Alcohol.
  • Essential Oils.
  • Sticky Fly Paper.

What plant keeps roaches away?

Catnip. The first, and probably the most famous, roach-repelling plant is catnip. Loved by our feline friends but feared by a lot of bugs including roaches, ants, weevils, aphids and flea beetles, this plant is the usual go-to for homeowners who want to use natural ways to ward off pests.

Do bugs hate lavender?


They love the flowers, but other bugs stay away. Lavender has a pleasant scent that comes from the essential oils in the leaves of the plant, but the bugs hate it. Hang some dried lavender in your closet and you won’t have to worry about moths eating your clothes.

How do I keep my garden bug free?

10 Tips for a Naturally Bug-Free Garden

  1. Learn the bad bugs. …
  2. Learn the good bugs. …
  3. Attract beneficials. …
  4. Add other insect-eaters to your garden ecosystem. …
  5. Monitor pest-insect populations. …
  6. Time your crops to beat bugs. …
  7. Choose resistant plant species and varieties. …
  8. Block out pests with row covers.

How do I keep my garden pest free?

6 Simple Secrets for a Pest-Free Garden

  1. Grow in a good location. Successful pest prevention begins before you even plant a seed. …
  2. Choose the right crops. …
  3. Start with strong seedlings. …
  4. Harvest from your garden frequently. …
  5. Scout for signs of trouble often. …
  6. Spray plants when necessary.

What can I plant in my vegetable garden to keep pests away?

Using Herbs As Companion Plants to Deter Pests

  1. Aphids: chives, coriander, nasturtium.
  2. Ants: tansy.
  3. Asparagus beetle: pot marigold.
  4. Bean beetle: marigold, nasturtium, rosemary.
  5. Cabbage moth: hyssop, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, southernwood, tansy, thyme.
  6. Carrot fly: rosemary, sage.

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