What succulent has red flowers?

Christmas Cactus

This succulent is known for its big, beautiful blooms that appear right around Christmas. The succulents come in a variety of bright colors including vibrant red flowers and last anywhere from one to eight weeks. Unlike a lot of other cacti, the Christmas Cactus is native to a tropical environment.

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Also, how do you care for Mezoo trailing red?

Growing information about Mezoo Trailing Red

  1. warm weather annual or a tender perennial.
  2. hardiness zones 9-11 but can be overwintered.
  3. thrives in full sun and partial shade.
  4. tolerates high heat.
  5. can be grown indoors in direct sunlight.
  6. safe for pets.
  7. needs well drained soil such as a cactus mix.
In respect to this, how do you take care of a Mezoo plant? Dorotheanthus Mezoo will grow best in full to partial sun, but will also thrive in shade. Water thoroughly when the top 50-75% of the soil feels dry to touch, or when your plant starts to wrinkle a bit. Dorotheanthus Mezoo are succulent plants that are fairly drought-tolerant, but grow better with regular watering.

Keeping this in view, how can I tell what succulent I have?

Here are some of the plant characteristics to look for when identifying succulents:

  1. Leaf – shape, size and thickness.
  2. Color – of leaves, flowers or stems.
  3. Markings or bumps on the leaves.
  4. Flower – shape, color, number of blooms and petals.
  5. Stem – color, texture, length.
  6. Ciliate hairs.
  7. Epicuticular wax.
  8. Spikes, spines or smooth.

What kind of cactus has red flowers?


Botanical Name Gymnocalycium mihanovichii
Native Area South America

Why did my succulent turn red?

Some succulent plants naturally get reddish tips on their leaves when exposed to full sun or extreme heat. The plant is coping with the extreme heat by producing a red pigment (carotenoids) on its foliage to protect itself from sunburn.

Can Mezoo trailing red be a houseplant?

Although it resembles a standard variegated succulent, we find Dorotheanthus ‘Mezoo Trailing Red’ more versatile and less fussy. In the south it is used as a variegated green groundcover, whereas in the north it’s considered a houseplant to take outside in the summer and bring back inside during the winter.

Can Mezoo grow indoors?

MEZOO Trailing Succulent Indoors:

Water the soil when it is dry and place in a warm sunny window. Keep in mind that when growing this cultivar indoors, it won’t flower and tends to get a little leggy, but still makes for a great indoor succulent.

What kind of plant is Mezoo?

Doreanthus or Dorotheanthus bellidiflorus mezoo is a trailing annual with succulent leaves and very small daisy like flowers. It is a native of Southern Africa, and likes arid conditions. It is similar to the Ice Plant (Delosperma). It is sometimes called by its old name Mesembryanthemum.

Why is my Mezoo dying?

Your Baby Sunrose (Mesembryanthemum cordifolium ‘Variegata’) also commonly called “Mezoo”, “Red Apple” and “Heartleaf Ice Plant” likely has an issue with improper watering. If you are giving the plant just a little bit of water every three or four days, the roots are likely not being sufficiently moistened.

Can Dorotheanthus be a houseplant?

Thrives in sunny beds, borders, rock gardens and even makes a good houseplant if it can be given a bright window location.

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