What succulent means?

1a : full of juice : juicy. b : moist and tasty : toothsome a succulent meal. c of a plant : having fleshy tissues that conserve moisture.

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Likewise, how do succulent stems help a plant?

Succulent, any plant with thick fleshy tissues adapted to water storage. Some succulents (e.g., cacti) store water only in the stem and have no leaves or very small leaves, whereas others (e.g., agaves) store water mainly in the leaves.

Furthermore, why is my succulent growing stems? Succulents will grow long stems when they are not getting enough sunlight. This process is called etiolation, where they start to turn and stretch out in search of light, giving them a “leggy” appearance with a long stem and smaller, spaced-out leaves.

Then, what is a succulent stem cutting?

Stem Cutting is Rooting

You gave them 2-3 days on top of dry succulent soil, out of direct sun. Then you inserted them into the soil, and left them dry for 2 more weeks. Then you misted the soil well. … When the succulent needs water, this stimulates the development of roots.

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