What succulents make good ground cover?

8 Succulents That Make Pretty, Easy-Care Ground Covers

  • Rock Purslane. (Calandrinia spectabilis)
  • Caucasian Stonecrop. (Sedum spurium)
  • Blue Chalksticks. (Senecio serpens)
  • Parry’s Agave. (Agave parryi)
  • Upright Myrtle Spurge. (Euphorbia rigida)
  • Resin Spurge. (Euphorbia resinifera)
  • Royal Dewflower. …
  • Candelilla.

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In this way, what is a good ground cover for Southern California?

Regional Picks: Tough Ground Covers – Southern California

  • Blue Chalk Sticks. Name: Senecio serpens. Zones: 7 to 11. …
  • ‘Huntington Carpet’ Trailing Rosemary. Name: Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Huntington Carpet’ Zones: 6 to 11. …
  • White Creeping Thyme. Name: Thymus praecox ‘Albiflorus’ Zones: 2 to 11.
Keeping this in view, what is a good drought-tolerant ground cover? The suggested plants and tips for growing them will help you get started with drought-tolerant ground covers.

  • 01 of 07. Angelina Sedum. Satakorn/Getty Images. …
  • 02 of 07. Yellow Alyssum. …
  • 03 of 07. Ice Plant. …
  • 04 of 07. Candytuft. …
  • 05 of 07. Vinca Minor. …
  • 06 of 07. Bugleweed or Ajuga. …
  • 07 of 07. Chinese Lantern Plants.

In this regard, what ground cover is native to California?

California Native Groundovers

Asarum (Wild Ginger), Blechnum (Deer Fern), Dicentra (Western Bleeding Heart), Fragaria vesca (Woodland Strawberry), Oxalis oregana (Redwood Sorrel) and Satureja douglasii (Yerba Buena) all prefer shade but the rest will grow in full sun or light shade.

How do you plant ground cover succulents?

Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. Among the easiest succulents to grow, they are popular for a reason. Each produces offsets or baby plants tucked around the “mother rosette.” Carefully pinch the baby, replant, and watch your groundcover grow. Color Varieties: Green, Purple, Red, Blue, etc.

What ground cover can you walk on?

Here are some good groundcovers you can walk on: Thyme (Thymus sp.) – Includes several walkable groundcovers such as woolly thyme, red creeping thyme, and mother-of-thyme.

What ground cover is not invasive?

It’s time for American gardeners to move beyond Japanese spurge (Pachysandra terminalis), English ivy (Hedera helix), and periwinkle (Vinca minor).

What is an inexpensive ground cover?

A great cheap ground cover for walkway areas is creeping phlox. This plant can be easily divided, so you can start with one plant, and in a year or two, you will have more than enough. … You can pick up plants/bushes for as little as $1 each toward the end.

Does creeping thyme grow in Southern California?

It can go well with a cottage garden, Southwestern/ Mediterranean, and can even be used with many California natives. Compliment Creeping Thyme with Pennisetum, Euphorbia, Senecio, and Lavender.

What is a good ground cover that blooms all summer?

Our Favorite Flowering Ground Covers

  • Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans) …
  • Canadian anemone (Anemone canadensis) …
  • Candytuft (Iberis sempervirens) …
  • Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata) …
  • Creeping Thyme (Thymus serphyllum) …
  • Deadnettle (Lamium maculatum) …
  • Hosta (Hosta sieboldiana) …
  • Horned Violet (Viola cornuta)

What is native ground cover?

by Heather McCargo. Groundcovers are low-growing plants that fill in quickly to make a dense carpet of foliage. Once established, they’ll crowd out weeds, provide year-round protection to the soil, and offer overwintering habitat for native fauna.

What ground cover grows in rocky soil?

Sedum. Available in ground cover and upright varieties, sedum is a fabulous choice for a rocky garden. This resilient plant sports little star-shaped blooms in brilliant colors. The multihued foliage comes in many shapes, from round to spiky, putting sedum in the spotlight all season long.

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