What succulents will rabbits not eat?

If you still have problems with rabbits nibbling on your plants, try using repellents to keep the furry critters away from your hard-won garden!

  • Agave. Agave is a long-leaf succulent that forms a rosette shape and is both drought-resistant and perennial. …
  • Ajuga. …
  • Bee Balm. …
  • Black Eyed Susan. …
  • Catnip. …
  • Holly. …
  • Juniper. …
  • Lemon Balm.

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Also know, do squirrels and rabbits eat succulent plants?

Larger animals that can eat succulents are voles, possums, mice, squirrels and other rodents. Even dogs and cats sometimes eat succulents, but they often stop after tasting them. If you have dogs or cats, make sure your succulents are non-toxic to them, and move your succulents out of their reach.

Additionally, what plants do rabbits avoid eating? 20 Flowers and Plants Rabbits Hate

  • Sweet Alyssum. Lobularia maritima bears clusters of tiny white, lavender, violet or pink flowers in spring. …
  • Lantana. Sun-loving lantana bears flower clusters that look like brightly-colored confetti. …
  • Cleome. …
  • Pot Marigold. …
  • Geraniums. …
  • Wax Begonia. …
  • Strawflower. …
  • Snapdragon.

Beside this, what plants keeps rabbits away?

Plants that keep rabbits away

  • marigolds – planted all around your garden will create a rabbit barrier (they hate the smell of the marigolds)
  • spicy globe basil – keep the bunnies out and make lots of pesto throughout the summer.
  • Christmas basil also works well.
  • onions.
  • leeks.
  • lavender.
  • mint.
  • oregano.

How do I keep rabbits from eating my succulents?

Consider keeping succulent species that are known to be safe for rabbits. As an added protective measure, put decorative rocks on the top of the soil of your succulents. Rabbits like to dig and will not pass up on the opportunity to mess up your succulent’s potting mix.

What do rabbits hate the most?

There are several scents that will help keep rabbits away from your home. Most commercially available rabbit repellents replicate the scent of predator musk or urine. Rabbits also hate the smell of blood, crushed red peppers, ammonia, vinegar, and garlic.

What animals eat succulents in the desert?

What Animals Eat Cactus?

  • Camels.
  • Packrats.
  • Jackrabbit.
  • Javelinas.
  • Ground squirrel.
  • Prairie dogs.
  • Gila Woodpecker.
  • Eastern Cotton Tail.

What’s eating my succulents leaves?

So what eats succulent leaves? The list varies depending on where in the world you are, but the most common animals that eat succulents around the world are aphids, mealy bugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers, snails and slugs.

What animal eats aloe plants?


  • Deer.
  • Possums.
  • Rabbits.
  • Rats.

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