What to Do If Succulent Leaves Become Soft

The softening of the leaves of succulents is the most common problem encountered by novices. Usually, there are 6 reasons for the leaves of succulents becoming soft. Some of them are normal and some need to be dealt with in time.

1. The fleshy leaves that have just been potted

This situation is normal.

The reason is that the new roots have not grown out and the ability to absorb water is poor. Just wait patiently for its root system to grow out. If the leaves are in this state for a long time or the leaves are severely dry, consider repairing the roots.

2. Overwatered

Succulents don’t like water and humidity.

An environment that is too humid can cause the leaves to rot or become ‘jelly-like’.

In this case, it is necessary to clean up the abnormal leaves in time, behead the head, eliminate the black rot, sterilize the other parts, and replant after drying.

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3. Normal metabolism

The bottom leaves of succulents are gradually depleted of nutrients due to the metabolism of the plant and slowly wither.

This is a normal phenomenon.

It is best to remove completely dry leaves in time to avoid rot and attract insects.

4. Dormant

When succulents are dormant, their leaves will become soft, dry, and fall.

This is also normal.

At this time, you should reduce watering or water cut, pay attention to timely ventilation in summer, and maintain a certain temperature in winter.

5. The lack of water causes the leaves to wrinkle

Long-term non-watering will cause the leaves of succulents to become soft and folds. In this case, water needs to be added in time. Dry soil may damage the root system.

If the succulent leaves are wilting severely, it is recommended to depot the plants, check the root system, and repair the roots appropriately.

6. Sunburn or frostbite

In the case of too low temperature or too strong sunlight, the leaves of succulents will be damaged.

At this time, according to the condition of the plant, remove the injured leaves, then sterilize the succulents, and replant them after drying.

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