When should I buy a Christmas cactus?

Christmas cactus are usually purchased in late fall and winter months already in bloom, or at least budded. When taking your Christmas cactus home, avoid extreme temperature changes as this may cause some buds to drop off. Place in a bright window for best results, and keep the soil slightly moist.

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In respect to this, what month do you not water Christmas cactus?

When the top inch is dry to the touch. Generally, Christmas cacti require less water during fall and winter and more in spring and summer. Soak the plant through to the roots, but dump out the saucer after the plant drains, as you don’t want your cactus sitting in water.

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Regarding this, is there a pure white Christmas cactus?

Christmas Cactus White will adapt to low light conditions, but the plant will produce blooms more readily if exposed to bright light. The flowers are bright white and appear prolifically when given bright, indirect light, and when exposed to room temperatures, anywhere between 65 – 75 degrees F.

Do you water a Christmas cactus from the top or bottom?

In general, water a Christmas cactus when the top inch or 2 of soil is dry. To help increase the humidity around your plant, fill the pot saucer with pebbles and add water to just below the tops of the pebbles (the pot shouldn’t be sitting directly in water). The air will become more humid as the water evaporates.

Do Christmas cactus like to be root bound?

Christmas Cactuses actually like to have their roots sort of crowded. This is a struggle for plant parents because it’s tough to prevent them from becoming root bound when they actually grow best in a crowded pot.

What fertilizer is best for Christmas cactus?

Feed a Christmas cactus with a 20-20-20 or 10-10-10 plant food diluted with water to 50% strength. In addition, fertilize the plant with a monthly application of a magnesium sulfate solution at a ratio of 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water, but don’t apply the same week you add the plant food.

Should I mist my Christmas cactus?

Instead of watering it like you would a traditional plant, you should be misting your cactus every day. A few squirts from a spray bottle is all you need to keep your cactus happy. The only time you should be watering the base of the plant is when its soil is completely dry to the touch.

What triggers a Christmas cactus to bloom?

Christmas cacti produce flowers in a cool, environment-short day cycle. To initiate the production of flower buds, there needs to be at least eight days of 16 hours of dark and eight hours of light each day. Wherever the plant is placed, do not turn on the lights at night, even for a short period of time.

What is the rarest Christmas cactus?

Red Aspen Christmas Cactus

Some gardeners prefer single Christmas Cactus such as ‘Red Aspen. ‘ This rare hybrid is highly sought-after for its frilly, reddish-purple blooms. Its resilience and adaptability to the home environment makes ‘Red Aspen’ a great gift for the new gardener.

Does Trader Joe’s sell Christmas cactus?

Trader Joe’s Is Selling a Light-Up Christmas Cactus, and It Comes in a Festive Red Pot. Lights make everything better. … Each adorable little cactus plant is covered in glowing white lights and sits snugly inside a bright red pot.

What colors are Christmas cactus?

The Christmas cactus (Zygocactus) is native to the South American jungles. The flowers bloom once a year and come in shades of fuchsia, yellow, salmon, pink, white, orange, red and sometimes will even have a combination of the colors. The Christmas cacti are tropical plants.

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