Where can I buy seeds online Philippines?

Where to buy plant seeds online in the Philippines

  • Lazada. Turn to this online powerhouse for an incredible range of seeds to suit every whim and fancy. …
  • Shopee. Flowers, vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants – this online marketplace has it all. …
  • TheGiftFarm.ph.

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Correspondingly, how much are seeds Philippines?

Top Seeds Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Seeds Chinese Kangkong / Upland Kang kong / Water Spinach ? 33.00 Lazada
Seeds UPO TAMBULI ? 210.00 Lazada
Seeds LEAFY LETTUCE (1200 ) ? 45.00 Lazada
Beside this, where can I get free seedlings in the Philippines? The Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Plant Industry (DA-BPI) Crop Research and Production Support Division (CRPSD) is giving away free seeds and seedlings to residents of Metro Manila to help them get started with their own edible home garden. Walk-ins are allowed.

Moreover, is it cheaper to buy seeds or seedlings?

Cost– By far, seeds are way cheaper than plants. You can buy a pack of seeds for less than $2 and have over 100 seeds in the pack, as opposed to paying about $. 50 per plant from the nursery. Saving Seeds- If you are interested in saving seeds for the next years’ harvest, you need to plant heirloom varieties.

How much does seed cost?

Questions & Answers on Vegetable Seeds

Type Min Price Max Price
Hybrid Rs 1200/Kg Rs 7500/Kg
Natural Rs 140/Kg Rs 2500/Kg

How much is a packet of seeds?

On average, a packet of seeds is going to cost $1 to $3 for the packet. Organic seeds can cost upwards of 20% more depending on the type of seed that is purchased.

What can I plant in the Philippines?

There are many appropriate vegetable plants to grow in the Philippines.

Vegetables Planting season Harvest
Pechay Ideal March to May and October to December
Tomato Off-season June to September
String Bean Off-season April to August
Lettuce Ideal October to December

How do you grow Pechay from seed?

Fill the polybag or any container with the soil media, scatter the seeds atop the seedbed, then slightly cover them with soil. Water the seeds every day. The seeds will start the sprout after a few days. The plants can be repotted in bigger containers after two weeks or 15 days.

Can you buy vegetable seeds online?

Shop hundreds of heirloom, organic, non-GMO vegetable seeds and plants to grow in your garden. Find both tried-and-true favorites and rare varieties of tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, and more.

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