Where can I farm succulent clam meat?

If you happen to be in the Howling Fjord farming Shoveltusk Flanks, and need some Succulent Clam Meat as well, there are murlocs (18, 20) on the coast just west of the Apothecary Camp that drop Darkwater Clams that contain Succulent Clam Meat.

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Hereof, how do you farm tangy clam meat?

THE best place to farm these is to kill the murlocs in Hillsbrad Foothills near Southshore, or go into Blackfathom Deeps and kill all the naga and murlocs in there for the thick-shelled clams, they drop these.

Consequently, where can I buy zesty clam meat? Zesty Clam Meat can be found inside a [Big-mouth Clam], dropped by murlocs, found in the Swamp of Sorrows, and level ~40 nagas.

One may also ask, where is tangy clam meat Classic?

Yes, you can find tons of it, here:

  1. In Blackfathoms Deep (BFD – it’s near Zoram’gor outpost in Ashenvale)
  2. Like someone else said above, in the Bluegill Marsh in the WESTERN Wetlands.
  3. The turtles drop a lot of this on Lordamere Lake RIGHT NEXT to the big pink bubble. Comment by Thottbot.

What is a thick shelled clam?

Notes. This item usually contains Tangy Clam Meat which is used in the Cooking skill. It drops primarily from the turtles, naga, and murlocs of Hillsbrad Foothills, and the murlocs of The Wetlands. Thick-shelled Clams sometimes contain an Iridescent Pearl as well.

Where can I farm crawler meat?


What is zesty clam meat used for?

Zesty Clam Meat is used in Undermine Clam Chowder. You get it from a vendor in Steamwheedle Port.

Where do I farm tender wolf meat?


Where can I find coyote meat in wow?

Source. This item drops from: Coyote in Westfall. Coyote Packleader in Westfall.

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