Where can I find string of hearts plant?

The String of Hearts is a sweet and fantastic hanging plant native to South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe.

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Consequently, can I take cuttings from string of hearts plant?

Rooting chain of hearts in water is super easy. Simply take several cuttings that are a few inches long and place them in water. Remove the leaves on the part of each cuttings that will be under water in your glass or vase. This will help to prevent rotting of those leaves and keep the water fresher.

In this manner, how much does string of hearts cost? Compare with similar items
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Moreover, is String of Hearts hard to grow?

With the right warm conditions, moisture levels, and filtered light, the string of hearts plant is fast-growing and will flower abundantly. It is known for being robust and is a good plant for inexperienced houseplant growers as it can cope with periods of neglect relatively well.

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