Where do you hang a grow light?

The Right Height to Hang Your Grow Lights

A good rule of thumb is to place the less powerful HID lighting systems about 24” to 36” above the plants. For more powerful HID systems, you will want to have them between 48” and 62” above the plants.

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People also ask, how far should I hang my grow light?

In general, you’ll want to hang your light no more than 12″ away from your plants. – Remember: after 12″ fluorescent lighting loses its power, so make sure you don’t raise it any more than 12″ above your canopy otherwise your plants aren’t getting light energy.

Considering this, how do you hang a grow light from a ceiling? 5 Steps to Hang Grow Lights from Ceiling

  1. Step 1: Find the Right Place on the Ceiling. …
  2. Step 2: Mark and Make Pilot Holes Into the Wall. …
  3. Step 3: Install A Joist(for Light-reflector Combo)/Hooks(for lights only) …
  4. Step 4: Setup A Rope Ratchet/YoYo Light Hanger. …
  5. Step 5: Hang The Light Systems from The Support.

Accordingly, what should I hang my grow lights with?

How do you hang a grow light in a closet?

Here are a few tips on hanging a grow light in your closet:

  1. Grow lights must be adequately supported. …
  2. Screw the hook through the hole. …
  3. Find the areas on the grow light used for hanging, attach a chain, and hang it from the hook.
  4. Consider attaching a rope/ratchet system and hang from that so you can easily adjust height.

How do you tell if grow light is too close?

The first signs look like thin outlines on the outside of the leaves, so if you catch this quickly you will have a chance to avoid further damage. If some of the leaves start curling up, it might also be a sign that the plant is too close to the light. Good ventilation usually also helps with this issue.

How much Ppfd do I need?

The ideal PPFD levels are between 700-900 µmol (PPFD) for indoor cultivation spaces and there should not be any spots on the top of the canopy that is receiving less than 500 µmol (PPFD).

Should I dim my LED grow lights?

Dimming the lights is necessary when your plants are stressed or during application of foliar and pesticides. If you choose to include dimming control in your LED grow lights, you can make sure that you are providing the right amount of light in every stage.

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