Where does succulent box ship from?

We ship hundreds of orders weekly from California. We rarely have any complaints about the condition of the plants when they arrive. In fact, we actually get lots of feedback from customers who are surprised at how great they look upon arrival. We ship some plants in pot with soil, and the soil tend to get shifted.

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Just so, how long does succulent box take to ship?

within 3-5 days
Similarly, does KiwiCo have free shipping? Does KiwiCo offer Free Shipping? Yes. get free shipping on all subscriptions within the US.

In this regard, how do you get free shipping on Happy planner?

Free shipping is available on orders over $100. How can I get a coupon from The Happy Planner? When you sign up for the store’s email newsletter, you’ll get a coupon for $10 off your next purchase.

Can succulents be mailed?

Succulents and cacti are generally quite hardy and can go long periods of time without water, so they are ideal plants to transport through the mail. Professional nurseries regularly ship their plants across the country and around the world with very few problems.

What do you do when you receive succulents in the mail?

How are succulents shipped?

How do I ship succulents online?

How do you ship air dry succulents?

To air-dry succulents, you’ll need to gently remove your entire plant from its existing dirt to get started. You’ll then trim the roots, rinse it thoroughly, dry it with tissue, and set it out to air dry it for a few to several days.

How much is shipping for KiwiCo?

Subscription KiwiCo crates ship for free in the US, including Hawaii, Alaska as well as Military addresses. Shipping costs for other countries can be found in the Locations List above but is typically between $5-$6.

How do you get free KiwiCo?

Here’s how to get your first month of KiwiCo crate for free:

Enter your child’s name, age, and birthday. Next, choose the 6 or 12-month plans. You can pause or cancel anytime. Select ‘Yes or no if you would like to add a book – additional charges will incur if you opt to add a book.

How much does KiwiCo cost?

Termed Subscriptions (Non-Renewing)

1 Month $34.95 + free shipping
3 Months $89.95 + free shipping
6 Months $159.95 + free shipping
12 Months $299.95 + free shipping

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