Why does my succulent grow upwards?

When plants are grown indoors or in other low light situations, they undergo a process called etioliation. This is elongation of the stem as the plant stretches upward to catch more light.

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Correspondingly, how do you tell if your succulent is stressed?

Basically, observe the plant. If it’s leaves are margined or tipped in red, it’s a likely prospect. But if excess heat, sun or cold makes its tips shrivel and turn beigey-gray, it’s suffering.

Also question is, why is my succulent drooping? Wilting succulents are an expression of extreme dehydration. Droopy leaves on succulent specimens mean the soil has been dry as a bone for quite some time. These plants can tolerate long periods of drought, but they do need moisture to thrive. When succulent leaves are drooping, it is time to act.

Herein, how do I stop my succulents from stretching?

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