Why does my succulent smell bad?

A sweet and delightful scent is produced by succulents when they are in their flowering phase. In other growth phases, succulents don’t often give off any smell. The foul odor produced by succulents may be due to root rot, improper drainage, urination by pets, or they may naturally smell bad.

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In respect to this, how do you care for Stapelia?

Watering: Wait for the soil to dry completely between waterings. Water sparingly at all times and very little during the winter. Wait for the stems to shrivel a bit in wintertime before watering lightly. Soil: As with most succulents, Stapelia plants like light, airy, well-drained soil.

Subsequently, how long does a starfish succulent flower last? Once your Stapelia bloom opens up, the flower should stay for at least a week. It’ll start getting a little floppy and faded over time, though, so snag that pic around day two or three. That’s prime flower time.

Also, why do Stapelia flowers smell?

Answer: It is probably giant stapelia (Stapelia gigantea). It is not a cactus but is a succulent from southern Africa. The plant usually blooms in late summer or fall. … The smell attracts flies to pollinate the flowers.

Why does my succulent smell like feet?

Rotting Roots

Root rot is a common issue in smelly plants. In most cases, it’s usually too late to identify as the rot spreads upwards into the plant body. Within a week or two, the plant is too far along in its infection to be saved.

Why does my jade plant stink?

If you’ve noticed a musty odor around your houseplant, the cause is most likely from overwatering. When plants are given more water than they need, the result can lead to mold or fungus growth, or even root rot, which can destroy the plant.

How often does Stapelia bloom?

Starfish Cactus Bloom Time

On average, you can expect a baby plant to bloom in two years with just one or two flowers. When it is mature, the plant will bloom successively in July to September in North America.

How do you root Stapelia cuttings?

Plant the cutting in your favourite fast-draining mix. I often angle the cutting so the cut end stays above the soil line to prevent rot, and just partially bury what was the side of the cutting, at an angle. Give them partial sun and water only when very dry and they’ll root quickly.

How do you make a lifesaver plant bloom?

Lifesaver plants prefer bright light or partial shade. In nature, they grow underneath shrubs or other plants. Too much sun causes stems to develop protective reddish or purple pigmentation and can actually scald the stems. Too little light leads to weak, thin growth with decreased flower production.

Why is my Starfish cactus turning yellow?

Why is my Starfish Cactus turning yellow? The most common cactus pests are: scale insect, mealybug, and spider mite. Spider mite is the most likely culprit if your plant is turning yellow. Most insecticidal soaps list all these pests, as well as aphids and mites which more commonly pester other succulents.

Is stapelia gigantea a succulent?

Stapelia gigantea is sometimes mistaken for a cactus, but it is a succulent. Its thick green stems grow in clumps up to 8 inches tall. S. gigantea’s star-shaped, 5-petalled flower is over 9 inches in diameter, producing a foul odor that attracts flies for pollination.

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