Why Is My Wandering Jew flowering?

This is a houseplant that really thrives in bright but indirect sunlight. The brighter the light you provide your wandering jew plant, the more flowers it will produce. If it’s not getting enough light, the brightly-colored foliage will begin to fade.

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Additionally, can Wandering Jew take full sun?

Wandering jews are pretty picky about getting the right amount of light. They need a lot of light to maintain their bright color, but direct sunlight will burn their leaves (except for tradescantia purple queen, they love growing in full sun!).

Consequently, how long do Wandering Jew flowers last?

one day

In this regard, how do you keep a wandering Jew from getting leggy?

Plant your wandering Jew in a well-drained, all-purpose potting soil. It’ll grow best in a warm, temperate space with temperatures between 55 degrees and 70 degrees. Pinch off the growth tips at the ends of the plant’s branches to encourage bushy growth and discourage leggy growth.

Does Tradescantia need lots of light?

Your Tradescantia Zebrina requires bright, indirect light. If the light is too dim, the leaf stripings will fade. Keep the soil moist, as it is best not to let your Tradescantia Zebrina become too dry. Water when the top inch of soil is dry and be sure to water the soil underneath the leaves.

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