How do I get my stapelia gigantea to bloom?

I pretty much just leave mine alone and water when it dries out or more if I remember. No special treatment and it doesn’t have to be in full sun to bloom. Mine blooms once the weather warms up off those little buds you were describing.

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Similarly, how often do stapelia gigantea bloom?

On average, you can expect a baby plant to bloom in two years with just one or two flowers. When it is mature, the plant will bloom successively in July to September in North America. They flower in November through March in South Africa where they are native.

Accordingly, is stapelia gigantea a succulent? Stapelia gigantea is sometimes mistaken for a cactus, but it is a succulent. Its thick green stems grow in clumps up to 8 inches tall. S. gigantea’s star-shaped, 5-petalled flower is over 9 inches in diameter, producing a foul odor that attracts flies for pollination.

In respect to this, how do you grow stapelia gigantea?

Plant them in individual containers in the sandy potting mix. Allow the top of the potting mix to dry slightly between waterings. Keep the small plants warm and in bright light but not in direct sunlight. Maintain the seedlings in this way for about one year.

How long does it take Stapelia to flower?

Once your Stapelia starts to create a flower bud, it’ll take its sweet time opening up. The time between first noticing a bud and getting a full flower can be up to a couple weeks. It likes to build the anticipation and test your patience. Recently, I had to leave for a trip on day 10 of noticing a Stapelia bud.

Why do flies fly into the Stapelia flower?

These odors serve to attract various pollinators including blow flies. The flies lay eggs in the center of the Stapelia flower, convinced it is rotting meat that will be a food source for the larvae once they hatch.

How do you take care of carrion plants?

Water again when the top inch of the plant is dry. A good indication that the plant is in bad need of water is when the stems look like they are beginning to shrivel. Add liquid fertilizer to the water once a month. Put your plant in full sun and keep the temperature at least at 55 degrees year round.

How do you root Stapelia cuttings?

Stapelia is easily propagated, especially by stem cuttings. Allow cuttings to dry in a cool, shady location for 48 hours and then stick them in a well-drained potting soil mix. Water moderately (preferably from below by placing the container in a tray and then filling the tray with water). Cuttings should root easily.

Is stapelia gigantea a cactus?

Stapelia gigantea, commonly called carrion flower, is a spine-free succulent member of the milkweed (not cactus) family that is native to dry desert areas from Tanzania to South Africa. Common name comes from the malodorus flower aroma which resembles the smell of rotting meat.

Are Carrion plants poisonous?

Once a person has seen the berries and leaves of the plant, it is easily recognized. I have been told that the fruits of carrion flower are poisonous, but a quick check of some reference books revealed otherwise. Apparently, the fruits are edible and have a pleasant taste. The Lakota ate the berries as a snack.

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