Is an aloe plant considered a succulent?

Aloe is a large group of succulent plants with rosettes of thick, juicy leaves and bloom spires topped with beautiful clusters of mostly red or yellow hummingbird-attracting flowers. Many popular Aloes tolerate frost or short freezes.

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Beside above, what is difference between cactus and aloe vera?

But the fact of the matter is that while aloe vera has those ridges on its leaves, the spikes on the cactus are the leaves. See, the fleshy part of the cactus is the stem, whereas you can’t exactly see the stem on an aloe vera plant. It’s obvious why an aloe vera plant is more of a succulent than a cactus.

Additionally, is a cactus a succulent yes or no? A cactus is classified as a succulent. In other terms, a succulent is a plant that has thick juicy stems or leaves that store water. A cactus stores its water in stems, and some species are adapted to arid areas.

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