Is Super soil better?

Many home cultivators prefer super soil because it eliminates a lot of the growing guesswork, and can help sprout an all-natural plant that is superior in flavor, smoothness, and taste.

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Also to know is, what is super soil?

Super soil is a term coined by well-known grower and seed producer Subcool to describe a soil recipe he uses to help simplify the process of attaining an ideal harvest no matter your level of growing expertise. It is a highly amended growing medium that eliminates the need to use liquid nutrients.

Then, how do you grow in super soil?

Also know, what’s the difference between super soil and living soil?

Living Soil is often called Super Soil, just to clarify, Super Soil is most often a reference to seed breeder SubCool’s heavily amended soil. Amended soils normally are not great for clones or seed starting because they are often too “HOT” for Veg. Great Lakes Water Only is a Living Soil.

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