8 Succulents Care Myths May Lead to Succulents Death

succulents care myths

For succulents care, patience is the most important. If you don’t know how to care for succulents, it’s best to take the time to learn it. Especially in different seasons, succulents need special different care, and different types of succulents are also treated differently.

It is more difficult than imagined. The three keys to succulents care are sunlight, air, and water, which should be adjusted according to the situation.

The follow content dove into some of the most common succulents care myths and offered insight as to why there is no need to believe them.

Myth 1: The succulents are really well taken care of

At first, I think that no matter what types of succulents, their habits are not much different, they can be planted casually. As a result, I collected a lot of empty pots in one month.

Later, I slowly realized that the sun, air, and water required for various varieties will change in different seasons and should be adjusted according to the situation.

Myth 2: Any soil, any pot can plant succulents

Many people think that it is possible to feed any succulents without special succulents potting soil. Buying succulents potting soil is wasting money.

In fact, special succulents soil is necessary. Spread the soil layer by layer, the water permeability is good, and the roots are not easy to rot.

If you want to save money on the soil, you can DIY succulents potting mix soil at home.

Even some lazy people who don’t even buy a pot, just randomly pick up a pot to plant succulents. Pots without drainage holes plus airtight soil, it’s a miracle if succulents are not dead!

Myth 3: Watering every day, watering at noon

Succulents are actually similar to cacti. You don’t need to water them every day. More watering will not help them grow, but will only cause them to rot!

Also, don’t water them at noon. It doesn’t matter if the succulents may be a bit shriveled by the sun at noon. But if you water them at noon, they will die directly.

Myth 4: The pest does not need to be managed

The most terrible pest is the scale insect. This pest cannot be killed with drugs and can only be stabbed to death. Once you find that your succulents are infected with this pest, you must kill them immediately.

Myth 5: Different succulents cultivation methods are the same

In the summer, place the cactus in pottery with drain holes and then pour enough water until the soil is completely saturated. Because summer is the growing season, they need lots of nutrition.

Common Sedum Branch should pay attention to whether the weather is sultry, whether the sunshine is sufficient, and whether there is too much water. Insufficient sunshine will cause the stem to become longer and ugly. In the cool season, just pour a small amount of water. In the case of large temperature differences between day and night in the fall, the amount of water should be limited.

Liliaceae and Compositae succulents are more like to drink water. In the summer, spray them with a water jet, otherwise, it is easy to receive empty pots.

Euphorbiaceae should pay special attention to it, not bad growing. Instead, their wounds will secrete white juice. If you touch it, remember to wash your hands thoroughly or simply wear gloves.

Myth 6: It doesn’t matter where the succulents are placed

Succulents are not recommended to be planted indoors. The interior is usually hot and the water is more difficult to mix. If the succulents do not have sunlight for a long time, they will become strange and ugly.

Myth 7: Succulents do not need to change soil

The succulent plants purchased at online stores or local nurseries are usually accompanied by cultivated soil. Remember that these soils must be replaced.

Because the culture soil is too saturated, centipedes are often found in the soil. In addition, these exotic soils often have uncertain pest factors such as insect eggs or ant nest.

For plants that have just been bought, highly recommended removing the plants and clean the soil on the roots. Let it dry for a few days in the shade, let the wound heal and repot it.

Myth 8: Succulents leaves become translucent do not need to be treated

Don’t worry too much about succulent plants with dead leaves, plants need to replace old leaves to retain nutrients. Semi-dry state leaves and stem joints will grow new leaves again, and the plants will easily start to grow up.

The jelly leaves become semi-transparent but not dry, and the stems or roots are checked for blackness. If you see any black rot, immediately cut off the black rot with clean scissors.

Take the plants directly out of the pot and put them in a cool, ventilated place and observe. After ensuring the remaining part is no black rot, let the wound callus then propagate it in a new pot.

Wrap up

No doubt that succulents are easy to grow, but they are also very fragile, especially the succulents that have just been bought. But if you can avoid the succulent care myths mentioned above, basically your succulents will not die, have you learned?

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