What are some synonyms of succulent?


  • luscious.
  • moist.
  • tasty.
  • yummy.
  • divine.
  • lush.
  • rich.
  • heavenly.

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Thereof, what is a succulent slang?

full of juice; juicy. rich in desirable qualities.

In this regard, what are baby succulents called? There are many cute little names for succulents, especially new ones that grow on adult plants. … Botanically, they’re referred to as offsets, as they grow from the mature plant. They are also called pups. This is just another name used to identify these young offsets.

Also question is, what is the name of the succulent plant?


Family or subfamily Succulent # Modified parts
Cactaceae 1600 Stem (root, leaf)
Crassulaceae 1300 Leaf (root)
Aizoaceae 2000 Leaf
Apocynaceae 500 Stem

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